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YouTube user : PoG RealTribe

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Attacks and Effects

The monster will run at players, dealing damage to anyone she touches. Dodge roll out of the way, use a shield or a power attack.


When the monster lifts her head for a second and growls, she will start to spit fire in a 180 degree angle in front of her. Beware as this can burn you.


When the candle on her head burns, she will perform one of two attacks. She shakes her head and perform a fire wave around herself, pushing back and damaging players. She can also slam her head, first backward, then forward. Each slam send a short flame stream.


The monster can use a spell to heal herself. She will summon vines around her that can be destroyed to prevent further healing.


When a red circle appears on the monster, she will spit a fireball at a player. 


When the candle that the monster holds in her hands starts to flame dark red, she will spread 3 (later 5) fire streams that home in on players. This can also inflict burn on you so watch out.


The monster can send out the candles beneath her to the players. The candles will melt shortly after and create firespills that send firepillars when you stand on them. These pillars send you in the air and can cause burn to you. The monster is immobile during this and gives you time to attack. She will shortly after summon new candles under her.


When the candle the monster holds starts to glow red, she will hold the candle in front of her and summon pillars of fire, aimed at the location of the players.