When you run out of health, a sorcerer has 3 options :

- beg to be saved and fight on

- ask to be sacrificed and unleash a spell that damages all enemies

- give in and die to become a ghost


The later 2 will kill you and send you in Ghost Mode. Unlike the original Soul Sacrifice, players have more options in Ghost Mode and can be of much more help to the still living players.


As a ghost, you can still call upon the offerings from the lands (which will become visible when dead or when using mind's eye when alive). That way, you can still deal damage to enemies.


You can also get armor and distract Archfiends.


As a ghost, you can also obtain heal offerings and restore offerings. You can then lock on to a player that isn't down and restore their health or their offerings respectively.


You can also posses players, which locks the camera around the player that you choose to posses.


You can touch enemies to lower their defense or touch a player (both limited to 1 at a time) to raise his attack.



In Alice's Endless Maze, you can actually come back to life! When the Archfiends are dead and players can ride the teapot to go to the next floor, you can as a ghost, enter a purple portal and be brought back to life.