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    Hermit9 (Saturday, 21 June 2014 12:17)

    I see you have added all major sections if it will be filled in the site can become a good alternative to the wiki.
    I would like to share my thoughts on the ally section since I am was the main contributor to it on the wiki. I think there is not much point to add allies from original Soul Sacrifice to this site. The reasons for this are: 1. All major allies from original game make appearence in delta but have different arm level and offerings so two separate about one ally will create confusion. Minor allies don't appear at all in Delta. 2. In Delta where allies can really make a difference but they were not so useful in original game.
    Also I think there is more sense to divide allies from Delta based on their faction not arm level. In Delta allies approve or disapprove your decisions because of their faction not their arm level. Sanctuarium has several dark arm sorcerers who approve salvation. Arm level really only shows preference towards attack or defence for this ally.
    I'll leave my email in case you would like to contact me. It is gorchakovm@yandex.ru

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    Hermit9 (Saturday, 14 June 2014 08:07)

    The desing of this site is pretty nice but you need more sections about the game itself. The game is pretty complex so people need information not only about archfiends and foul creatures but also about offerings, sigils, quests, factions, main allies, rumours and trophies.

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    SoulSlayer (Tuesday, 27 May 2014 12:19)

    Looks good so far. Still work to be done, but I think it can be a very informative, specially cause the wiki is inactive and the setup is a little odd with soul sacrifice wiki and delta wiki