Twinfinite - 4/5

So let's talk about Soul Sacrifice Delta. What exactly is it? It's not a sequel to the original Soul Sacrifice because it doesn't really wander into new territory, but it's not just an upgraded re-release either because it adds so much more to the original story, along with new features, and all the DLC packed into it. Soul Sacrifice Delta is a definitive edition of the game that fleshes out the story and delivers a much more polished experience.


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Fanbolt - 9/10

Soul Sacrifice was meant to be Vita's heaviest hitter back in 2013. Whether or not it actually was depends on your outlook, but it sold quite well in Japan so it definitely did something right. My guess is it tapped into the Monster Hunterdemographic, which has really been hurting for an updated release on Sony platforms.


Soul Sacrifice Delta, on the other hand, is sort of a director's cut version of last years' release. With more monsters, more spells, new areas, and a new faction named "Grim," is this pseudo-sequel worth a second look from series fans? In all honesty, not really. Not unless they're super into it - although this is the Monster Hunter crown. Vigorously devouring each iteration in the series, no matter how significant, is sort of what we do. Newcomers, though? Yea, this is definitely where they'll want to start.


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Dealspwn - 8 / 10

Reviewing Soul Sacrifice Delta is like getting back with an ex. We were so good during our intense love affair last year, even if things eventually fizzled after a few heady months. For the life of me I can't remember why we split up in the first place.


We've fallen straight back into our old routine: killing monsters in compact arenas with a diverse selection of spells and ablilities. Soul Sacrifice condenses the monster hunting gameplay of ... well, Monster Hunter ... into a more straightforward and muscular format, with pick-up-and-play brawls against hordes of demonic fiends and enormous bosses; each boasting their own unique attacks, themes and tragic backstories. It's a compelling mix of twitchy hack & slash action with a focus on ranged spells and summons, constantly challenging players to make tough choices in the heat of battle as foes press the advantage.


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